Proclaiming an object as a cultural monument

The Ministry of Culture proclaims as cultural monuments movable and immovable objects, or groups of objects, that are important documents of historical development, of the life style, manifestations of the creative abilities and work of humankind in various fields of human activity, for their historical, artistic, scientific and technical values that have a direct relationship to important persons and historic events.

Prior to proclaiming an object a cultural monument, the Ministry of Culture requests a statement of the regional authority and the municipal authority with extended competence.

An archaeological find is proclaimed as a cultural monument by the Ministry of Culture on the basis of a proposal from the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.

Cancelling proclamation of an object as a cultural monument

Unless a national cultural monument is involved, the Ministry of Culture may, on extremely serious grounds, cancel the proclamation of an object as a cultural monument at the request of the owner of the cultural monument or of an organization which demonstrates legal interest in cancelling the proclamation of the object as a cultural monument or at its own initiative.

List of immovable cultural monuments (only in Czech)